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A friend of mine from All American Pest Control showed me around Universal Studios. Their website is https://www.pestcontrolsanfordfl.com. Thrilled by ‘Men in Black’ and have been anxious about Hogwarts and Diagon Alley? The Universal Studios, Florida offers actual answers to your questions, rides and more. Officially opened in June 1990, the theme park is part of the Universal Orlando Resort. Millions travel from all over the world to see the attractions. And with the millions of visitors annually recorded, people do really want to ‘ride the movies’.

The studio initially offered studio tours of production facilities, so anyone could get a glimpse of the place their favorite movies were produced. But that ended abruptly as visitors were more interested in the movie rides and the several attractions of the theme park – which is unsurprising as an adrenaline rush always takes precedence.


The studio is currently laden with several attractions like Fast and Furious: Supercharged, Diagon Alley and more. The Universal Cinematic Spectacular offers visitors the opportunity to travel through memory lane through the hi-tech display of scenes from different movies produced by Universal Studios.

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem simulator, Doctor Doom Fearfall space shot, Flight of the Hippogriff coaster are some of the many rides that dominate the theme park. Depending on the ride, individuals are required to be of a specific height or have an adult accompany them in rides to avoid accidents.

Lost track of time and want to replenish lost strength? Cafes like TODAY Café have provided visitors with ample opportunity to refuel after an exhilarating ride on one of the numerous attractions in the studio.

Yearly Activities

With the numerous theme rides and the cinematic spectacular showing, you’d think that would be enough, but the Universal Studios, Florida have other ideas. In its search for revenue streams, the studio decided to host several annual activities on its ground requiring people to pay for tickets at the gate. Rock the Universe, A Celebration of Harry Potter, Mardi Gras and other events belong in this category.

A celebration of Harry Potter: Many people erroneously believe that a fictional character is being celebrated, but ‘A celebration of Harry Potter’ is actually a celebration of the fandom of the Harry Potter series, and it takes place during a specific weekend annually.

2017 brought along the turbulent Hurricane Irma leading to the cancellation of the Christian music festival, but fortunately, the management of theme park liaised with the organizers of the event and Rock the Universe concert holds for two days every year in the park.

The constancy of change

It is worth noting that Universal Studios have evolved over time, and they should since what appealed to generation x doesn’t elicit the same response from millennials. In doing this, the studio removed several rides and attractions to keep up with the changing times. Some of the rides affected by this stance include Back to The Future: The Ride, Jaws, and Nickelodeon Studios.

Unexpected closures

The Universal Studios, Florida has been closed a few times over the last decade. Hurricanes and the 9/11 terrorist attack necessitated these closures and it is understandable considering the mammoth crowd always present in the theme park.

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